Donnelly Verandah Residencies


6th - 30th June


Free Entry, Bookings not required


Donnelly River Village


6 Jun

As part of the Bridgetown Fridgetown Fest, The Donnelly Verandah Residencies provide an opportunity for artists to immerse themselves in the unique Karri Forest at Donnelly River where imposing old-growth Karri-stands dominate a 1950s mill town.

Artists undertake their residency for just over a week and stay in one of the 35 cottages in the village with the intention that the forest surroundings will provide a ground for creativity and artistic development.

Well-known Western Australian artists Tim Burns, Sarah Thornton-Smith, Sarah Elson, Annette Peterson,
Ross Potter and Nic Comptonwill take part in the seventh annual verandah residencies at Donnelly River Village in June 2023.

A Perth-based exhibition of selectedworks by this year’s artists willbe held from 15-24 September, 2023.

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